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Welcome to Upstate Pediatric Speech Therapy Services, Inc.
Upstate Pediatric Speech Therapy Services has been in operation in Greenville County, South Carolina since 2006. This business was founded by Shannon L. Williamson, Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathologist. The business originally began as a private practice, with Dr. Williamson solely specializing and serving pediatric patients.

Because of the growth of the practice and increase in the scope of services to all areas of the upstate, Upstate was added to the name, in 2011, when it became a corporation. We still believe that the pediatric part is the most important; thus, that is why P is big in the abbreviation of our name, uPs Therapy Services.

Qualified Professionals
As a team, all of our professionals are extremely qualified and meet the highest degree of standards for expertise and training. In addition to this level of competency in all areas of speech-language pathology, all of the clinicians at uPs have particular strengths in the field and have developed highly effective treatments in her area of expertise. Dr. Williamson carefully considers each individual client and which therapist would suit each clients needs.

Upstate Pediatric Speech Therapy Services is unique because of the broad spectrum of services that are offered in the field of speech-language pathology. In addition to children who exhibit speech-language difficulties, the clinicians at uPs are able to serve patients with language-based academic needs in reading, writing, and math. We provide a multi-sensory approach to learning, from children to adolescents, with any type of communication difficulties.

Partnerships That Matter 
In addition to the traditional services offered for language, speech and learning, uPs is excited to partner with integrated Listening Systems (iLs) and Brain Train programs. These programs utilize a neuro-physiological approach to stimulate the auditory system to aid in processing information. Once the foundation for learning is provided with these programs, teaching and more traditional means of therapy have been found to be more successful and sustainable.

Our goal is that you will receive a completely positive experience-from the comprehensive, descriptive assessment, to the individualized, skilled treatment-in a highly professional and dedicated fashion. Our mission is to provide exemplary, enthusiastic and effective service to help your child reach upward gains in communication for life!

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