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Referral for an Articulation Disorder

Directions print out this and check each option that applies:

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Check the section if your child does not demonstrate a particular skill at a given developmental age.

Referral to a Speech-Language Pathologist is Necessary When.

___ By AGE 3, cannot be understood by family and/or caregivers
___ Does not correctly produce vowels and such sounds as p, b, m, w in words
___ Becomes frustrated when asked to repeat when not understood

___ By AGE 4, Cannot be understood by individuals with whom they do not associate on a regular basis
___ Cannot correctly produce t, d, k, g, f
___ Cannot repeat without becoming sensitive

___ By AGE 5, Cannot be understood in all situations by most listeners
___ Does not correctly produce most speech sounds, including l, v, sh, ch, j

___ By 6-1/2 to 7 years, speech sounds are not like an adult
___ Incorrect production of any sound, including r, s, z, th

The above items can be used as a basic screening tool to determine if your child needs services. This checklist can be brought to the evaluation as part of the case history intake information. If you checked any items it your childs category, it is necessary that your child be seen by a speech-language pathologist. Please contact the uPs Therapy office to schedule an evaluation at (864) 438-0990. Insurance is accepted for most companies.

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