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Integrated Listening Systems

Effectively Retrain Parts of the Brain

The speech-language pathologists at Upstate Pediatric Speech Therapy Services are certified practitioners for integrated listening systems (iLs). These are programs that effectively retrain parts of the brain in learning, communicating, and moving. iLs combines an auditory program with vision and balance activities to strengthen neurological pathways for learning and processing.

The treatment protocol is clustered according to three basic areas: sensory/motor, concentration and attention, and reading/auditory processing. The speech-language pathologist will determine which program would be most beneficial to your child. After the receptive phase of the iLs phase is completed, an expressive phase can be implemented. This focuses on highly developed interactive speaking and listening skills for specific auditory processing including:

  • Auditory Memory
  • Dichotic Listening
  • Auditory Figure Ground
  • Filtered Words
  • Sibilants
  • Vocal Production
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