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Language and Speech Intervention

Parental Involvement is crucial in this process

Treatment is conducted to achieve improved or augmented speech/and/or language for prespeech and/or prelanguage and cognitive-communication behaviors for early learners.

As a child matures, the short- and long-term communication goals may be to represent language skills commensurate with his/her chronological age. These specific objectives would be to address the areas of deficit as identified on the evaluation and work on specific concepts, sentences, or vocabulary to expand and/or improve the processing of language skills.

For articulation, the specific objectives would be to remediate the error sounds at the conversational level. Specific oral-motor tasks may be utilized to teach placement for sound acquirement. If fluency skills are in need of intervention, different fluency-enhancing techniques will be taught to facilitate non-stuttering behaviors. If voice is an issue, then specific information regarding appropriate vocal care and use of respiratory, phonatory, and resonatory processes will be taught to achieve desired vocal production.

The length and duration of therapy is highly variable and depends on the age of the child, severity of the disorder, type of treatment recommended, and prognosis for improvement. Generally, once a week is the minimum amount of time recommended, with more severe cases requiring two to three times weekly.

Parental involvement is crucial in the therapy process. The uPs clinicians will send home homework activities to reinforce the therapy activities and encourage generalize speech in the home environment. Parental training with your child at home can improve a childs success and allow faster progress during the speech-language intervention.

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