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Reading Evaluation and Intervention

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A Child's Reading Ability will be Assessed

If auditory processing deficits are suspected, an uPs clinician may determine that extensive testing for reading or phonological awareness is warranted. Different assessments may be utilized to assess the graphemic aspect of language. Varying tasks of phonological awareness-your childs ability to isolate and identify the phonemes of language-may be evaluated. A childs ability to decode or sound out real and nonsense words will be done to see if he/she can read irregular spelling patterns. A childs ability to accurately read the words will be evaluated. The reading rate, or fluency, will be observed by timing how fast he/she reads a particular passage. Finally, a child's reading comprehension will be assessed by evaluating a childs responses to questions about the paragraphs that he/she read.

Upon evaluating the childs skills, a comprehensive treatment plan to address any deficits are determined. The trained, experienced clinicians at uPs Therapy Services utilize several different reading intervention programs, including Lindamood Bell Lips, Seeing Stars, and Visualizing/Verbalizing, Brain Train to Reading, and the Wilson Reading System. The most important feature to any program used by our office is a strong multi-sensory language approach to learning reading. Decoding is broken down, and begins with a strong phonemic awareness and individual phonemes are taught and reinforce through feeling how the sounds are produced, and then sounds are sequenced into syllables and words.

Another crucial part to reading is the ability to visualize images of words. Quickly and correctly recalling orthographic patterns is imperative for fluent reading and spelling. These visualization strategies are also taught for comprehension of sentences, paragraphs, and passages of reading materials. These visualization strategies are directly linked to language comprehension for both reading and listening. Our goal at uPs is for your child to completely understand the materials that he/she reads and hears so that the building blocks of reading will be set for life.

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